Preston Hall Concert 8/27 7:30pm $25

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Ed Gerhard is one of fingerstyle guitars greatest tone masters. A Grammy Award winning guitarist who can take a simple set of changes whether soulful or contemporary and coax and finesse endless color out of every note. A masters master.

Muriel Anderson, a 4 time Grammy nominee, began with and picked up where Chet Atkins left off. A consummate artist she has created an impressive catalogue of compositions and recordings over her career. She is a national treasure who has had her music played in space and all over the world. We are delighted to have Muriel with us this year.

Tony McManus is one of the legends in the Celtic tradition who has taken his musical skill to a rare level of excellence. He has arranged Mingus in DADGAD, plays Bach on occasion, and mastered the Scottish "Shiver" with his thumb. Tony has a brilliant catalog to call on.

William Coulter, a Grammy Award winning guitarist is deeply rooted in Irish music and culture. Classically trained on guitar and a powerful alliance with the pure traditions of Ireland Bill produces a Celtic feast for the ears in his arrangements and performances.

Michael Chapedelaine is without a doubt the beach surfer cerebral guitar genius in the crowd. Having studied classical guitar including a master class with Segovia and a long career in performance this gifted player has a rich vocabulary of techniques for creating jaw dropping interpretations of classic gems. He has won both Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar Championships.

Macyn Taylor is a rising young presence in the fingerstyle world. She trained with John Stropes at UWM and is a frequent performer at fingerstyle guitar festivals and concerts. We are blessed to have her join us this year!

Maneli Jamal has established a passion and groove like no other. He consistently creates highly palatable compositions with excellent musicality and freshness in the ear. Maneli uses a wide variety of techinques to produce a wonderful musical journey.

Workshops - Concerts - Accommodations - Cuisine - Reservations

Workshops cater to all levels from beginner to advanced. Classes are held 3 times a day except Thursday which is 2 times with the afternoon off for a field trip to Mendociono and the Preston Hall concert. The schedule is designed to feature a core morning course with the same teacher leaving the afternoon classes mix and match according to either teacher or subject. The core classes are fundamentals, classical, and fingerstyle. The afternoon classes are split between technique, musicianship, composition and arranging, repertoire, and fingerstlye. These classes are for classical and fingerstle players. We will work with you to maximize your experience.

Monday through Wednesday an open mic will happen in the lodge. Friday night is the festival concert and our last night together. Guests can sign up to play for us. It's our last night together. The top 3 winners from the open mic will play a short set on Friday night as well as win prizes. On Thursday night 8/27 the artist concert is presented at Preston Hall in Mendocino at 7:30.

There are a few private cabins left at $995. Cabins are rustic and come with linens unless you specify otherwise. Cabins do not have electricity however the lodge is open all night. Premium rooms may be available which have electricity and share a private bathroom. Guests can bring small RV''s or pitch a tent for the ultimate minimalist experience. Each cluster of cabins have a restroom with electricity and the shower house has hot and cold water with electricity. The lodge is central to the camp. No doubt you will spend some after hours time here. 9 miles away is the town of Mendocino coast with a large selection of hotels, B&B's, additional campgrounds, and even a dock for your yacht! See Mendocino Accommodations for details on local accommodation.

Historic Woodlands Camp was founded during the depression through the Civilian Conservation Corp. The result is a spectacular camp in the middle of 2nd generation Redwoods and the Little North Fork of the Big River; a virtual summer paradise. Activities include swimming, hiking, nature walks, and the healthy outdoors. The camp features a number of buildings including a lodge, a gatehouse, cabins, tent cabins, and a large assembly area next to the lodge. The perfect setting for a guitar festival. Click on the title link above.

What festival in paradise would be complete without gourmet catered food by one of the best chefs on the Mendocino coast! Karina comes highly recommended and provides a healthy tasty fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She makes everything from scratch. California cuisine Mendocino style! Vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes served daily. Click on title link for more information.

Reservations require full payment of $995 for the week at this time. There are 3 day options for $695. Non playing partners can share a cabin for $995. The fee covers accommodations at the festival, 3 quality meals a day, and tuition for guitar workshops. The festival starts at 4pm on Sunday the 23rd and runs to Saturday morning the 29th. Fees are paid by check. The latest we can take a check is the 18th. All fees must be paid unless arrangements are made. Contact by email for more information.

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